About us

Our team and partners include many credentialed professionals whom are dedicated to the various industries which we serve.  Our stakeholders leverage the team and partners for expert execution from investment to exit. We have a proven track record in land development, hotel and real asset development, transactional advisory and finance, mining investments and marketing, finance, and technology strategy. On behalf of our team and our partners on all sponsored projects, we commit our entire selves to materializing entries and exits on opportunistic investments and align the best interests of all stakeholders involved so as to maximizes our success on given opportunities.

Environmental and Social Governance

InnFocus commits to a balanced approach to investing and considers material ESG issues in the course of its due diligence and in the monitoring of portfolio investments to the extent reasonably practical under the circumstances, subject, in any event, to the provisions of the Partnership Agreements and the Confidential Private Placement Memorandums of the investments concerned, and to the duty of InnFocus to seek to maximize the returns on investment.

Our story

InnFocus was founded to expand technology and infrastructure across the hospitality and tourism sectors throughout the United States. Since then, InnFocus has participated in various investments spanning real assets, mining, and technology.  We hate to think that we know we love to know everything. Today, our teams focus on high fidelity investments which are opportunistic and impactful. And, we’re growing both our team and our investments accretively and strategically.