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InnFocus is an institutional investor and growth catalyst driving value and strategic innovation across the following sectors: real estate, hospitality, retail, finance, energy and infrastructure of the future. Our pedigree is sustainable profitably through synergy, efficiency, creativity and balance. We take pride in our work beyond just our results and portfolio. Our global reach is now strengthened through the impact of implementation of environmental, social, and governance policies across our organization. We are committed to building a fundamentally nascent community for humanity of the global ecosystem at large. 

Our resources are carefully protected by our team. Ahead of any engagement, we diligence our partners thoroughly to ensure there is a good fit across the board. This allows us to work diligently and understand best paths forward in the instance a particular situtation arises, across multiple sectors. We are often the catalysts that drive progress. Our momentum comes from our passion, experience and approach. Our vision is to ensure the impact of the world which we create today last beyond the measures of our times, watches, and clocks to create invaluable and priceless value in every project which we undertake. 

Our investment funds deploy capital on an exclusive basis and undergo a thorough committee approval ahead of commitments. Typically, our co-invests and direct invests follow a similar cadence. We also maintain an extensive network of relationships who share in our vision in ensuring that each and every viable opportunity to improve and / or impact a city or community, or some region or country, or some industry, vertical or sector is thoroughly vetted and diligenced within the standards and policies of our underwriting criteria.


Innfocus’ investments, its resources and its portfolio follow a certain criteria of excellence and standards. These criteria are comprised of the below listed elements.





Our mission is
to realize efficiencies through enhancements of asset and investment management via adoption of new technology across select industries.

Our specialities

Organizational Management

Program Management

Investment Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our principles

Our engagements span across a gamut of opportunities across various industry sectors geographically, vertically and horizontally. 



Our professionals are at your services and ready to assist in the next task at hand in realizing your portfolio’s growth trajectory.


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“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell